Living Artwork
               Jeanne McCormick

About the Artist…

I am a native Detroiter, and have been doing portrait work since the late
1970's.  I work in different media:  charcoal, pencil, conte crayon,  oils and
egg tempera.  From 1976 - 1979 I was a student in the fine arts
department of the College for Creative Studies.  I also obtained a degree
in Early Childhood Development from Wayne State University, and in 2006
completed the requirements for a Fine Arts major at Madonna University
in Livonia, Michigan.

My studies led me to a deep appreciation of Edward Curtis' Native
American photographs of the late 1800's.  I subsequently focused my
portrait work on the Native American People, participating in numerous
juried exhibitions in the Midwest during the late 1970's and 1980's.
Because of the deep respect I developed through my work with the Native
American People, I was the only non-Native American artist invited to
participate at a Pow-Wow at Fort Wayne in Detroit.

In recent years, my skills and interests broadened.  After being
commissioned to paint the icon, Christ Pantocrator, I shifted my focus to
include the study of icons and iconology.  I continue to pursue the ancient
crafts of egg-tempera and gilding in my quest to preserve and follow the
historical traditions.   

With a love for ancient religious art, I recently took part in a historical
church tour through downtown Detroit.  I was aw-struck by the unique
beauty each church preserved, yet saddened to know that many people
have no idea of their existence.  My most current works focus on the
religious art found inside these historic vessels.  “Angel at the Tomb” icon
and “Choir Loft Window” are the first in a series of works I intend to
pursue with the purpose of bringing awareness to the art found here in
the historical churches of Detroit.