Portraits of Peace
Please note that work to expand this collection is still in progress.
Chief Joseph, a Nez Perz Chief, made many trips to Washington in the hopes of regaining native land that
had been confiscated by the white man.  He was known a peace-striving Indian who chose to negotiate
with delegates rather that pursue war.  Unfortunately, not until after his death, when he no longer posed a
threat, was land returned to the Nez Perz, and that was only a portion of what had been taken.
Because of his pursuit of peace and justice for his people, his portrait is included in my collection of
Portraits of Peace.
Gandhi was a man who lived a Christ-like life.  He, like Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King Jr., reflect
the teaching of Jesus through the way he lived and worked for peace.  He is part of my Portraits of Peace
collection meant to inspire the Christ in each of us.
Although it looks like a charcoal drawing, Mother Teresa's portrait was painted in oils using two colors,
white and ivory black.  When I look at her portrait, I am humbled.  She worked for peace by serving the
poorest of the poor.
Martin Luther King Jr. embodied the Christian virtues of peace and justice.  He did so much yet so
much remains to be done.
Since the beginning of Christianity, icons were used as a channel to connect people with God and
their faith.  This particular icon of Jesus is from one of the oldest wall frescos of Christ and dates back
and forgiveness in His right.